Welcome 2018/19 Committee

Bayswater Paddlesports Club
Welcomes the 2018/19 Committee

To all members

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce your committee for the upcoming season.

President Daniel Smee
Vice President Vincent Smyth
Secretary Brett Cassidy
Treasurer Asa-Michelle Nowell
Membership Officer Lachlan Caird
Facility Officer David Waideman
Web Page Officer
Club Development Officer Nick Phillips
WAIS Coach Ramon Anderson
WASPS Coach Jesse Phillips
TID Coach Anthony Carbone
BPC Development Coach Andrew Crothers
River Rookies Coach Shania Smee

As you can see, we have a great group of volunteers in place to take the Club forward, however we are always on the lookout for additional assistance and expertise. So if you would like to be involved in any small way, either an experienced paddler to help out with River Rookies or if you have a specific skills you can offer, please contact a committee member to discuss how you can help out and get involved.

Looking forward to a productive and successful season, with plenty of time on the water.

Enjoy the Moment
Daniel Smee
BPC President