BPC Welcomes your 2019-2020 Committee

To all members I would like to take this opportunity to introduce your new committee for the upcoming season.


President Brett Cassidy
Vice President Nick Phillips
Secretary Michelle Major
Treasurer Joshua Calvert
Membership Manager Vacant
Facility Manager Andrew Crothers
Web Page Manager Vacant
Club Development Manager Simone Wilson
WAIS Coach Ramon Anderson
WASPS Coach Jesse Phillips
Development Coach Andrew Crothers
River Rookies Coach Shania Smee
Committee Member David Waideman
Committee Member Tatiana Grigorenko

Thank you all for giving up your valuable time to help the club grow.  If anyone would like to be involved in any small way or would like to take on the role of Membership or Web-Page Manager please contact any of the Committee Members listed above.

Looking forward to a productive and successful season with plenty of time on the water.


Daniel Smee

Outgoing BPC President